A little bit of context

There are estimated to be 35,000 “Mim”s who are dehumanized every night by men who come to Pattaya for sex.

Tamar Center offers hope, healing and a new life to the bar girls in Pattaya, Thailand as they come out of the bars. Tamar walks beside them through every stage of restoration by providing counseling and vocational training.

But there’s a problem

Our current facility cannot house our expanded vision. We have 3 critical needs:

1. New vocational alternatives – Our current occupational training must be expanded. We want to develop new in-demand vocations through the hospitality business by opening a guest house where it is safe for the women to work.

2. A bigger counseling center – Our counseling center is bursting at the seams and does not have room for all the counselors. We want to provide additional space and expand our offerings. We will develop programs on addictions, family issues, and play therapy for children.

3. Better housing for our guests and teams – Many teams, volunteers, and guests visit Tamar Center. Current housing is basic (mattresses on the floor) and no air conditioning.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Tamar Center owns 1/2 of a larger building. We want to purchase and remodel the other 1/2 of the building and open a guest house and a new expanded counseling center, renamed Palm Center.

Tamar Guest House will teach the women the high demand vocation of hostelry including reservations, reception, housekeeping, laundry, event management, and driving. No other NGO offers this option in Pattaya.

Palm Center will occupy one floor of the building with counseling rooms for individual, family, and group counseling sessions and a play therapy area where children can work through the trauma that they have experienced.

You can join us

The purchase price of the building is 21M Thai Baht with remodeling charges of 6.3M Thai Baht (THB). In order to go any farther, we need to have 15% for a down payment or 3.15M THB. This is roughly equivalent to $100,000 or €88.000. We are also going to raise the whole 6.3M THB for the remodel, so right now we need 9.5M THB. Any extra will be applied to the building or furnishings.

Total Cost:
Building: 21M฿ or $656K or €585K
Remodel: 6.3M฿ or $197K or €176K
Furnishings: 1.5M฿ or $48K or €42K

Please give $27 or more to help more girls like “Mim”!

Donation Tracker

28 Million Baht

So far we have raised 6100000฿ towards our 28000000฿ target! That's 21% of the total!