Palm Center Vision Statement

Palm Center Pattaya is a counseling service reaching those in need, restoring hope and transforming lives.

Palm Center Mision Statement

Our mision at Palm Center is to bring emotional and spiritual healing, by transforming lives through our counseling services.  We seek to help individuals gain deeper insight into themselves and be more equipped when facing the challenges in order to experience hope and peace in their lives. We offer professional counseling to individuals, families, and groups including men, women, and children of various ages. Our qualified therapists, trained EMDR practitioners, pastoral counselors and volunteers seek to work alongside our clients, tailoring their approach to each individual’s needs. We are a faith-based organisation and can also offer Christian counseling support. We seek to create a safe environment for clients to engage in the therapy process, to be open and to develop trust. We specialize in working with trauma, PTSD and crisis pregnancy.

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